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Yoga on the Beach
The three types of care Heartland offers are : Initial Intensive Care,
Reconstructive Care and Wellness Care.  The frequency of visits and duration of care are a very personal experience for each patient.
Initial Intensive Care is designed to help you with your current problem, give you relief and ensure maximum up front healing.  
The initial intensive plans are exactly what they're called, intense.   
Reconstructive Care is designed to begin improving your whole body health, not just relieve your initial complaint.  It is intended to help your body rebuild itself. 
This phase of care begins once your initial intensive care is complete. 
Visit frequency is usually less than the initial intensive care plan. This care plan is designed to be a bridge to Wellness Care!
Wellness Care is designed to increase your whole body health and create the greatest degree of Wellness throughout your lifetime.  This plan is designed for those who have completed their initial and reconstructive plans.  
Visit frequency is once per week.
*Please note that all of our plans include acupuncture /acupressure, hydrotherapy, the use of our sauna, the gym, the pool and hot tub.  These services are only open to our patients during our regular clinic hours*
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